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About Andy Finlay
Royal Academy 2016

Andy Finlay

A potted overview

Born in West London, the view from my childhood bedroom window was the iconic big blue gasometer on the industrial site of Southall Gasworks, where my grandfather and great-grandfather worked. It might explain why industrial spaces have always held a slightly fearful fascination for me and influence so much of my work.

I see myself primarily as a painter but don't restrict myself solely to painting. You'll find a lot of textured white oil paint in my paintings, often accented with cement powder. Gold leaf, metallic mediums and found items make regular appearances too. 


Our interactions with buildings, spaces and our environment and the effect they have on us in return is what inspires me and drives me to pick up my brushes. It's the way they influence us by informing, distracting, coerceing or shaping our conscious and subconscious and the effect that has on our behaviour. Are we better or worse for the interactions? Do we have a choice?

Studied at Kensington and Chelsea College of Art (2011-12)

BA (Hons) Fine Art University of Westminster (2013-18)

The Barbican 2023
Photo: Emma Finn 2023
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