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The British Library


British Library

Oil paint, cement and mixed media on canvas


Artwork size:  75cms x 75cms


Year:  2023

Original oil painting:  Available for sale

Signed on the front in 22ct gold and oil paint and on the verso in pencil.

This painting comes unframed and includes a hand signed original Certificate of authenticity.

About the painting

Part of a series of paintings exploring the relationship between the land on which a building stands and the longevity of the building itself at that location. It's footprint. What makes a building stand the test of time and does the location or what the building is used for play a part in that longevity? The buildings in this series are all tied to the arts and have a reach and influence far beyond their physical boundaries. Some have relocated while others remained on the same footprint of land for centuries.


They are painted using my signature textured white oil paint, cement and metallic mediums.

The Library dates from 1753 where it was part of the British Museum.  It only became the British Library in 1973. At this point the collection was held amonsgt a number of institutions and museums and it was only when the purpose built New British Library was completed in 1997 that the collection was consolicdated into one place.

Original oil painting   £860
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