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Burlington House

AFinlay_BurlingtonHouse_Oil_Cement on Canva

Burlington House

Oil paint, cement powder and metallic mediums on canvas


Artwork size:  72cms x 92cms

Framed size:  73cms x 93cms

Framed in 3mm x 40mm aluminium

Original oil painting:  Available for sale

Signed on the front in 22ct gold and oil paint and on the verso in pencil.

This painting comes framed and includes a hand signed original Certificate of authenticity.

About the painting

Part of a series of paintings exploring the relationship between the land on which a building stands and the longevity of the building itself at that location. What makes a building stand the test of time and does the location or what the building is used for play a part in that longevity? The buildings in this series are all tied to the arts and have a reach and influence far beyond their physical boundaries, often globally. Some have relocated while others remained on the same footprint of land for centuries.


They are painted using my signature textured white oil paint, cement and metallic mediums.


Burlington House was built as a grand house but used as the home for the Royal Academy of Arts. Its annual Summer Exhibition is open to anyone and is the largest of its kind in the world. It is also the longest running, having run for over 250 years. Every year it includes new works by some of the world's greatest living artists alongside work by students, amateurs and upcoming artists. 


At its most basic level the RAs history and influence is about paint. The area outside the footprint in this painting is heavily textured oil paint to reflect this. It's about the paint, not what's painted. It's about brushstrokes and mark making, not imagery. 

Original oil painting   £1180
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