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Infinite Scroll


Infinite Scroll

Oil paint on canvas


Artwork size:  73cms x 95cms

Framed size:  77cms x 100cms


Year:  2022

Original oil painting:  Available for sale

Signed on the front in oil paint and on the verso in pencil.

This painting comes framed and includes a hand signed original Certificate of authenticity.

About the painting

“Infinite scroll” is a sofware development that allows online content to be continuosly loaded in real time as the user scrolls down a page. It has been likened to a virtual slot machine — which offers dopamine-inducing variable rewards, thereby making it hyper-addictive. Currently in use by Instagram and facebook it is turning the use of social media into a global pre-occupation. Or, perhaps more precisely, a global addiction? 

Behind the phone there is a cityscape, but it is only possible to see it once you step back, well away from the phone.



Original oil painting   £1380
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