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Canvas, white oil paint, texture and light

Andy Finlay is a Contemporary British artist. He uses white oil paint to create works that expolre the complex narrative of our relationship with rural environments, urbanity and contemporary living.


"Wow! We knew it was going to be good Andy, but this is absolutely amazing"

A private collector at the delivery of their commission

Buy a painting

All the works for sale are unique originals signed by me, the artist. There is only ever one of each piece and so you know yours is the only one in existence and there will never be another one.

Everything comes with free delivery and a signed certificate of Authenticity

New_Original painting.jpg

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions from the past, what's hapening now and planned events for future. 

 Private View information and invitations.

Andy's exploration of our relationship with urban & rural spaces through his use of paint, light, texture and materiality results in quiet works with complex narratives that gradually  reveal themselves over time.

..quiet works with         complex narratives..

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