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Oil paint and cement powder on canvas


Artwork size:  95cms x 150cms

Framed size:  97cms x 152cms

Framed in 5mm x 65mm aluminium


Year:  2020

Original oil painting:  Available for sale

Signed on the front in 22ct gold and oil paint and on the verso in pencil.

This painting comes framed and includes a hand signed original Certificate of authenticity.



About the painting

Subsume (the inclusion or absorption of something into something else) identifies with London's ability to absorb thousands of workers and visitors every day as they flood in and disappear into offices and buildings. A living tide that flows into the city each day and drains out again each night.

The painting uses my signature materials of highy textured white oil paint and cement powder onto canvas. My process for these paintings is to paint an area in textured white oil paint, followed immediately by the delicate application of cement powder then allowing that area to dry for a few days before moving onto the next area. It's a labour intensive and time-consuming process that delivers unpredictable but unique results.

Original oil painting   £1780
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