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As Summer Fades


As Summer Fades

Oil paint and cement on canvas

Artwork size:  60cms x 60cms x 3cms

Framed size:  74cms x 74cms x 6cms

Framed in high quality black and gold wood


Year:  2024

Original oil painting:  Available for sale

I had these sunflowers in the studio at the end of last summer as fresh, vibrant, yellow blooms. As the summer faded into autumn and then into winter they slowly dried, fading from blooms into dry stems. For me they encapsuated the inevitable movement of one season into another, of time and longevity. It brings to mind our own continual movement though our lives. As a result the painting reminds me to live now, enjoy where we are and what we are doing. To remember to live fully and happily.

This cycle will continue for me this year because I have retained some of the seeds from these sunflowers which I will be planting in the spring. I plan to repeat the drying process again at the end of this summer before painting them again next year and repeating it the year after. 

I hand-build all of my stretcher frames from scratch before stretching and priming the canvas ready for painting. This gives me the ability to keep waste to a minimum. 

The sunflowers are painted using my signature materials of highy textured white oil paint and cement powder onto canvas.

Signed on the front in white oil paint and on verso in pencil.

This painting comes framed and includes a hand signed original Certificate of authenticity.

Original oil painting   £1840
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